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JOSS Casino - Visitors? Rules

1. Joss casino Guest has to stick to the demands of the following Rules and respect the interests of other Visitors. Casino management has a right to set demands concerning the Guests and their behavior on the territory of Joss casino.
2. Casino management has a right to set demands concerning the Guest appearance.
3. Regime of Joss casino working hours is non stop.
4. Guest can have his or her private things in a bag sized 20/30 sm.
5. Obligatory demands to Joss casino Guest:
Correct retrained behavior, no swearing.
Complete fulfillment of security demands.
Gaming strictly under set Game Rules.
Do not place you personal things on the table (cellular, bags, smart phones and camera phones).
6. It is PROHIBITED for casino Guest to:
Visit if you are under 18.
Visit the place in the state of alcohol and/or drug intoxication.
Visit the place in sports, uniform, khaki and/or untidy wear and shoes, also shorts.
     to bring in:
Any kind of fire, gas, pneumonic arms (guns), knives also.
Flammable, fire dangerous, poisoning, toxic and those having strong odor substances.
Prickling and cutting things.
Drug containing, medicine and/or other preparations and remedies.
Large in size things like suit cases, rucksacks, cases, etc..
Video, photo and audio machinery, and use these things for record.
Smart phones and camera phones.
Drinks and food.
      to bring out:
Material things and estate which belong to Joss casino.
8. Joss casino management has a right to ask any Guest to leave the place in the case of Game Rules or Visitors? Rules prohibition.
9. In case of actions which led to JOSS casino material damage, management group has a right to require compensation. Refusal to compensate the damage can be a reason for JOSS casino to apply to police and compensation through the court.
10. In situation on the territory of JOSS casino when security active force is needed, they can you this force sticking to law regulations concerning



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