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Every player throws one arrow. The one, which is closer to the center (to the Bull), starts the game. Points for every throw are counted under the following rules:
Black circle in the center – 50;
Red circle – 25;
Big round – the score is doubled;
Small round – the score is tripled.  
To finish the game you need to:
Have 301 points sharp;
The last two arrows should be at one aim ("double").
If the player has more than 301 points, his score for the last three arrows are not taken into account ("bust").
Men throw the arrow from the line 8’00
women from the line 7’6.

Every player should knock down as many skittles as he can in his first throw with the help of the ball. And this player starts the game.  
The aim of the game is to knock down as many skittles as you can. Points are put down after each throw and are taken away from the score, 51 or 101 recently stipulated.  
To win you have to come to a zero. If you knock down more skittles, than it was needed to finish the game, the throw is not taken into account.
 Good luck!




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