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JOSS Casino - JOSS Pub

You should better start the acquaintance with JOSS casino at the pub with the cup of beer. Regulars drop in during the day, to have a dinner and as soon as the evening comes they visit the place with friends to have couple of beers and to chat. The choice of beer in the Pub is tremendous – to start with traditional sorts of famous native beer, to end with rare kinds of real English ale. Friendly waiters will offer you the ideally fit appetizer to any kind of beer. This cozy place is decorated in Old English Style and pleasant music may always be heard here, moreover, you can entertain yourself with traditional pub games: darts, skittles, and chess.

Here you have also more serious amusement for real beer admirers – "Yard Ale Competition". The participants drink 1, 00 yard of ale for speed out of the special vessel (its 0, 9144 meter or 1, 42 liter). The winner gets price from JOSS casino. Our Pub record is 15 seconds, but the record registered in Guinness Book is 5 seconds, so, JOSS casino PUB visitors have a chance to become the champions.



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