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JOSS Casino - News

13.02.2009     Poker tournaments in JOSS

10.10.2008     Toyota Prado - in the Game

01.10.2008     Club Poker

From October ,1 a new favour ? club poker is entered in a casino. The free teaching is conducted.

22.07.2008     Summer draws 2008

The sums of money in size of $15 000 are defined as the main prize of each month.

01.07.2008     Now, always free Internet for you!

From 01.07.2008 in Joss casino pub works free WiFi access point.

24.06.2008     PRIZE DRAWING of $ 10 000 will be on June 27!

We invite you to take part in the drawing of main prize of June ? $ 10 000. Roll up and participate!

05.06.2008     The big football is on the big screens!

He?s spurting into the lead ?running away from the competitors? the dangerous moment ? Joooos!

23.05.2008     May 30 ? DRAWING!Top Prize is TOYOTA CAMRY!

For all who doesn?t know yet or forgot in vanities of daily routine, we are in hurry to inform and remind: on 30th of May ? TOYOTA CAMRY drawing will take place in Joss casino!

19.05.2008     Enlarged version of banquet menu

Banquet menu of restaurant complex JOSS has enlarged with new courses.

17.04.2008     Popular dishes of the Lent Menu

Among the dished we introduced in the Great Lent Menu, the new ones enjoy especially high popularity.




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