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JOSS Casino - Informal Rules

It is not allowed to give money to girls’ hands. It is allowed, breaking all the rules of civilized society conditions, to put money under pieces of dress, left on a body. For example, it may be put under the string of the stocking. And actually it is better to give one banknote, but not small separate and shabby - so you’d better get prepared in advance.

You may call any girl from the hall or catwalk to talk to or to have a private dance. You should not wave hand, money or signal flag toward the object of your attention; just apply to a manager or a waitress – they will send you your Selected.
And vise versa if you do not want to be disturbed, ask to warn the ladies that you are not ready for close communication. This is normal.

Calculate your budget. Drinks in striptease bar cost three-four times more expensive than in an ordinary bar.
In decent places it is not good to touch a girl. In the rest of places it depends on you. Stick to situation. If you do something not right, not normal a girl will stop you by herself. (If she does not succeed, a security guy will, for sure. :-) )

In many striptease places girls are not paid salary, they live for tips given by customers. That is why; it is good to bonus any girl’s movement dedicated especially to you with money. And it is not only the dance; time also should be paid for (even if you spent all the time telling her about new, progressive line of your production at your enterprise). For this she should be paid even twice: she is not dating you, she is working!

The best company for visiting striptease bar is a couple of relaxed, easy-going business partners. But you can also visit the place with your woman. Dancer will pay attention to her first while dancing, to neutralize possible jealousy. Under informal rule the customer orders private dance for the woman first, while he is watching.

Dress code is free. It is optimal to have a relaxed-and-respectable style. If you do not want to draw special attention, do not put a white shirt on. Ultra Violet is sometimes used during the show, so you’ll be “shown” best way in it.
You may spend the whole night in the bar, but in the morning you will go to your place, and your Passion to hers, to have some sleep.



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