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First notes about the game similar to poker are dated back to 1526. The game was called Primero in Spain and Italy and la Prime in France . In 1700 bluffing united with announcing the bets and handing in not 3, but 5 cards and the names for the games became Bray in England, Pochen in Germany and Poque in France. Modern version of Poker was firstly mentioned in 1829 in Joe Cowls memories (English actor who traveled through America ). In 1834 people started to play poker with 52 cards in a pack. The game was brought to Europe by American soldiers during World War 1.


This game was popular long ago, but during last decades you can observe a real boom in this branch. The matter is that Black Jack is the only card game in which the probability theory can be used not for the sake of bank, but gambler; and this information is really widely spread.


Roulette comes from French and means wheel. The installation system didnt change since it appeared in Paris in 1765. It became popular no matter the place and time and today people are playing roulette all over the world.



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