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JOSS Casino - JOSS casino

Joss casino was open in 1993 and since then it remains the main entertaining center of the left bank of the capital. The name for casino was chosen not by chance: it can be translated from English as "success"; so luck and success are our casino visitors’ fellow followers. It is so both for the regulars, made by passion to spend more and more time gambling; and for those newcomers, who are always lucky in Joss.

To start the game make sure you are already 18 years old and if you are asked to witness this fact by ID, just take it as a granted compliment. Before you bet it is also not extra to check the Visitors’ Rules which are simple and made exceptionally for the visitors’ comfort.

1 $ up to 2000 $ bets participate in the game.
Passionate people are welcomed all around the clock.



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