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Strip club

Having finished romantic dinner, ladies and gentlemen who like “hot courses” are welcomed to striptease bar which opens at 10 PM for the erotic show. Shadowed lighting in violet-and-orange colors makes the girls mysterious and seducing and the place itself becomes even more intimate. One dancer changes another; and if the guest wants the girl to perform a dance especially for him or her, he or she may order a private dance in a separate room. The whole art of seducing will be directed to the one and only spectator.

With every another performance atmosphere in the place is becoming more hot and if the guests have an intention to continue the evening in the casino the air-condition system will cool them, because one always need a cool mind for success in gambling.

If you plan to visit the striptease bar for the first time, we recommend you to get acknowledged with the Informal Rules, accepted in most decent places.

Cooling cocktails will be offered to all thirsty striptease bar visitors.




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