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Riviera restaurant

"Riviera" restaurant is the best place for those who want to spend the time in romantic atmosphere. The hall is decorated with picturesque canvases. You will be able to enjoy the views of Azure Shore, Harlequin and Colombina playing comedies, beautiful ladies, having covered their made up faces with sparkling fans hurrying to date their young worshipers.

With the help of white bars which are the great contribution to "marine" design, you can change the interior; create separate corners for tete-a-tete conversation or big hall for joyful company.

Our Restaurant’s kitchen is distinguished by the presence of rich choice of the European and Japanese dishes, a rich wine card, large assortment of cocktails, wide choice of elite tea. During a meal it is possible to arrange an interruption with dances, blessing there is a spacious dansing place.




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